Internal Complaint Committee


• To avoid and prohibit sexual harassment at workplace.
• To enhance the self esteem and self confidence of women students, faculty and staff in the college.
• To hear and address complaints regarding sexual harassment
• To create awareness regarding women rights.
• To arrange programs regarding health, personality development etc.


• Provide a gender-sensitive and safe working environment at the RMCET campus.
• Ensure that victims or witnesses are not victimized or discriminated against while dealing with complaints of sexual harassment.
• Organize awareness programmes at regular intervals for sensitizing the present Regulations.
• Hold regular meetings twice in a semester even if there are no complaints

Internal Complaint Committee

Sr. No. NameDesignation Phone No. Email ID
1. Prof. Bagayatkar K. M. Presiding Officer 7709915869[email protected]
2. Prof. Prabhavalkar M. S. Committee Member (Teaching) 9527020392[email protected]
3. Prof. Ghubadepatil P. S. Committee Member (Teaching) 9970280093[email protected]
4. Mr. Mane M. V. Committee Member 9421440888[email protected]
5. Ms. Gangan N. R. Committee Member (Student) 8308655287[email protected]
6. Ms. Samant P. A. Committee Member (Student)9881849272[email protected]
7. Mr. Pendhari A. D. Committee Member (Student)7083341079[email protected]
8. Adv. Kulkarni V. S. Committee Member(Advocate)8275455589[email protected]
9. Mrs. Bachav A. S. Committee Member (Non Teaching staff)8446834153[email protected]

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Internal Complaint Committee Report